Service Level Agreement

General Statement & Guidance Notes

Service Level Agreement (SLA) & T&C For the Provision of Security Services

1.   Introduction

This service level agreement is for the provision of manned security by Metropole to Grand Sapphire Hotel  at their premises.


2.   Service Objectives

 Metropole  will provide a security service that is competent, effective, efficient and of high quality, and meets the needs of the site. Security staff will be fully trained and hold valid SIA licenses, and will be supervised on a regular basis.


3.   Scope of Service


3.1    Metropole will be responsible for the provision of manned security to customer site Grand Sapphire Hotel   This will include the following:


  • Respond to all incidents reported throughout the site, including initiating investigation of all security incidents and liaising with the police and other statutory authorities. This includes urgent response to calls for assistance in emergency or serious incident situations throughout the Hotel.
  • Maintenance of comprehensive and accurate records of all security incidents in the diary and on the incident report form and crime report form.
  • Liaison and co-operation with all other Hotel users whose work may impact on or who have an interest in security throughout the customer’s premises.


3.2    The security service will be available ____FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY


3.3    Metropole will ensure that there are a sufficient amount of staff on duty at all times to meet the needs of the service and to provide a safe system of working in accordance with health & safety guidelines for lone workers.


3.4    A 24hr on-call management ROTA will be in operation to deal with any emergency situations.


3.5    The security service will at all times operate within the customer’s overall risk management strategy and within specific policies and procedures which support the risk management strategy.


4.   Service Elements

 Will be responsible for the following service elements:


4.1    Crime Prevention

  • Maintain a visible security presence
  • Regular review of security measures to ensure they remain adequate


4.2    Security Routines

  • Maintain accurate records in the site logbook
  • Report any H&S issues observed during patrols
  • Deal with any emergency situations that arise on site


4.3    Incidents and Investigation

  • Attend all violent and aggressive incidents on site when summoned
  • Summons the necessary emergency services as needed
  • Detain any possible suspects for further questioning
  • Complete a detailed, accurate report
  • Assist with any investigations


Metropole will ensure that staff maintains strict confidentiality regarding all information concerning staff, visitors and all security arrangements in relation to the site.


5.   Quality Standards

Metropole will carry out its duties in accordance with the following minimum standards:


  • Staff will be uniformed and wear clearly identifiable badges and / or insignia in order to be easily identifiable as security officers. They will be well groomed and tidy in appearance.
  • All requests for service will be dealt with in a polite and courteous manner.
  • Security staff will be knowledgeable and competent to undertake their duties and be appropriately trained to the standards prescribed by current legislation and the SIA
  • Security supervisor / management staff will also conform to the minimum training standards identified above but will also have significant relevant experience in the provision of security services and crime prevention.
  • Company name will provide all equipment and consumables necessary to provide a security service.
  • Company name will comply with all strategy and regulatory requirements as well as all relevant company policies.
  • The security service is required 12:00 to 00: 00. (12hrs)
  • Security staff may be required to assist in the removal of unauthorised persons from the site and this will be done effectively but with minimum force as required under common law. Wherever possible police should be notified to attend all aggressive/abusive individuals in order to prevent a breach of the peace.
  • Clear and precise assignment instructions will be provided and adhered to by security staff.
  • Security staff will have good site knowledge prior to working without supervision.
  • All duties must be carried out in accordance with the customer’s quality standards and all relevant legislation.
  • All premises occupied by security staff must be kept safe, clean, tidy and substantially free from debris and litter.
  • All files whether paper or electronic must be kept secure and include comprehensive details in clear unambiguous language, and in accordance with the data protection act.
  • All security equipment supplied and maintained by company name must be approved by the customer and conform to the requirements of the provision and use of work equipment regulations (1998) and other relevant legislation and good practice.


On behalf of Metropole Guard Security Ltd


Mrs Dar
Mrs Dar
Great experience with the services they provided.
Abaidullah Mughal
Abaidullah Mughal
Well it’s more than six(6) months working with metropole guard security I just start my security career from them and learned a lot of things how to work on cooperate sites how to deal with events . The most important thing i always get paid on time Wish you grow more and more 👍
Ponnaganti Ramakrishna
Ponnaganti Ramakrishna
Great work experience, receiving payment on time.